RMC Brandbook

RMC Brandbook

Brand identity is often (wrongly) understood as just a logo and a few colors, but it encompasses so much more. Brand identity is the face of a brand. That means that the logo of the organization is just as important as the images, baselines, the values, the way of communicating in email, on the website and on social media and consistency in all brand elements used to promote the organization and representation at every customer touchpoint. 

In line with the expansion and renewal of Rubio Monocoat, a brandbook became essential. Based on this brand book, the distributors were provided with guidelines setting out all the details of useage, as well as warnings about incorrect variations of the use of the logo, images, fonts or colors which could impact the vision/perception of the brand image.

Anthony Nys - grafisch ontwerp - Rubio Brandbook - detailAnthonyNys-GrafischOntwerp_Portfolio_Wesbite_Hoofdbeeld Portfolio detail pagina_502x650px_Rubio Monocoat Brandbook_Detail 02AnthonyNys-GrafischOntwerp_Portfolio_Wesbite_Hoofdbeeld Portfolio detail pagina_502x650px_Rubio Monocoat Brandbook_Detail 01AnthonyNys-GrafischOntwerp_Portfolio_Wesbite_Hoofdbeeld Portfolio detail pagina_502x650px_Rubio Monocoat Brandbook_Detail 03

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