Atelier Houthuys

Atelier Houthuys

On October the 1st, 2021 Atelier Houthuys celebrated its 1 year anniversary. It was an extra special day, as Sara Houthuys - the founder of Atelier Houthuys - also switched from secondary profession to main profession. Atelier Houthuys celebrated this via a social media and email campaign with a temporary promotion of 10% discount.

We've put our heads together and below you can see the result of the elaborated campaign. This project included a modified logo with party attributes/illustrations for the website and socials, social media posts for the announcement and for the discount campaign (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn), a newsletter and a social media story as a reminder. 

To help Atelier Houthuys, the statistics of its social media channels were also examined in more detail. We looked at how she can apply this information in the future to take control and expand her reach.

Atelier Houthuys Social Media Campagne logo 1 jarig bestaan met attributen ballon en confettiAtelier Houthuys Social Media Campagne instagram posts in mockup iphoneAtelier Houthuys Social Media Campagne nieuwsbrief newsletter in mockup iMac iPad iPhoneAtelier Houthuys Social Media Campagne nieuwsbrief newsletter tweede deel email in mockup iPad en iPhoneAtelier Houthuys Social Media Campagne 10% korting post en reminder post voor instagram in mockup iPhone

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